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Federal Holiday

All First State Bank offices are closed on Wednesday, June 19, for the Juneteenth federal holiday. We will be open during normal business hours on Thursday, June 20, for your banking convenience. Locations & Hours

Switch Kit Resources

Welcome to First State Bank!

Switching financial institutions can be complicated, especially if you have automatic deposits, payments and/or transfers set up on your old accounts. To make your move to First State Bank easier, we’ve put together this guide.

And remember, a relationship manager is always just a visit or phone call away at 1-800-994-2500!

Follow these steps

  1. Open your account at First State Bank at any of our convenient locations.
  2. Stop using your old account(s). If you have checks outstanding, allow up to 10 days for them to clear and be sure to keep enough money in your old account to cover any checks or automatic deductions that may come through during this transition period.
  3. Use our handy Switch Kit Checklist below to identify and track the accounts, automatic payments and direct deposits you are switching.
  4. Update your online payment information on all service providers websites, such as utilities, credit card companies and so forth.
  5. Update direct deposits and other automatic payments. The letters and forms you need to notify employers and other companies can be found below.
  6. After all your checks have cleared and your direct deposits and automatic payments have been switched, notify your old financial institution that you are closing your account. You can use the Close My Account Authorization Form below.

Switch Kit resources

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