We realize switching financial institutions isn't always easy. In addition to moving your accounts, you may have automatic deposits, payments, and transfers with your current accounts that will need to be switched as well. 

That's why we've taken extra steps to help making moving and consolidating your financial relationships to First State Bank easier. And remember, your First State Bank Relationship Manager is always here to help!

Switching to First State Bank Made Easy!
  • Open your account at First State Bank at any of our six convenient locations.
  • Stop using your old account(s). If you have checks outstanding, allow up to 10 days for them to clear and be sure to keep enough money in your old account to cover any checks or automatic deductions that may come through during this transition period.
  • Switch Kit Checklist. Use our handy checklist to identify and track the accounts, automatic payments, and direct deposits that you are switching.
  • Update Online Payment Information. Your service providers (utilities, credit card companies, etc.) may allow you to update your payment information online. Click here for a quick links list of many local service provider websites.
  • Update Direct Deposits and Other Automatic Payments. The letters and forms you need to notify employers and other companies are all provided for you in our Switch Kit. Simply print and fill out those letters and forms that you need and mail them to the appropriate companies.
  • Close Your Old Account. Once all of your checks have cleared and your direct deposits and automatic payments have been switched, notify your old financial institution that you are closing your account. You can use the "Close My Account" letter from the Switch Kit.
Switch Kit Forms