The following services are available on qualifying consumer checking accounts to assist you when you write a check, authorize a payment, or make cash withdrawal when there are not enough funds in your checking account. There are no monthly or annual fees for these services; you will only be charged a fee if an overdraft occurs. 

Please ask your Relationship Manager for more information about these services.

Overdraft Privilege
Overdraft Privilege may provide overdraft coverage up to $500 (maximum of $250 within the first 30 days of opening a new account) when you have insufficient funds in your checking account to cover items presented. Items may be paid up to the predetermined limit without returning those items back unpaid to the payee. An overdraft fee is charged for each item paid.

Overdraft Transfer Service
First State Bank's Overdraft Transfer Service allows you to avoid non-sufficient funds (NSF) charges by automatically transferring money from your linked First State Bank savings or money market account in the event you overdraft your account.* The cost of this convenient service is $15.00 per daily transfer. 

*You must have enough funds in your linked account to pay at least one checking item for the transfer to occur. Please see First State Bank's Overdraft Services disclosure for more information.