Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) offer individuals with earned income the opportunity to save for their retirement while often enjoying tax benefits for doing so. Your Relationship Manager and/or tax advisor can also help walk you through how IRAs work and help you decide which type of IRA may be best for you. 

The website also provides helpful information about your IRA options:

Traditional and Roth IRA Comparison Chart
Contribution Limits
Deduction Limits

First State Bank IRA Investment Options

First State Bank offers two types of IRA Certificates of Deposit as investment vehicles for your Traditional IRA or Roth IRA:

Fixed Rate IRAs 
Fixed Rate IRAs offer terms ranging from 12 to 60 months and earn a specified Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for the term of the IRA.

18-month Variable Rate IRA 
Our 18-month Variable Rate IRA earns a guaranteed minimum rate of interest with the opportunity to earn a higher rate of interest equal to the One Year US Treasury Bill rate published in the Wall Street Journal. Rates are subject to change on the first Tuesday of each month.